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Clan clean inactive Members every Sunday evening.

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 Twist - L2 Mid

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PostSubject: Twist - L2 Mid   Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:46 pm

Class: Eva's Saint or Elemental Summoner (not decided yet)
Level: -
Subs: -
Noble: y/n? -
Previous Clan: -
Old Servers: Started on c1 on dex and stayed there until c4...a bunch of servers that aren't worth mentioning, then l2 arion and another bunch of servers not worth mentioning Smile
Old Clans: Dex c2-c3 - Friends (Reunited alliance)
Arion - 7 (Se7en)

I moved to miami last year so my timezone is a bit fucked up, I'm gonna be playing a lot during the late hours of the night. Hope that doesn't mess up my chances of getting in Smile
I am highly experienced and you could probably use me Wink
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Twist - L2 Mid
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