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 [L2OFF - C4] L2Gold

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PostSubject: [L2OFF - C4] L2Gold   Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:22 am

Hello everyone. I found this clan somewhere on the internet and i wanted to share this server with you.

Launch date: 20th September 20:00 GMT+2
Server website: www . l2-gold . com
Server platform: L2OFF


- EXP/SP/Adena : x45
- Min. Enchant : +3
- Max. Enchant : +21 for Weapons, +8 for armors/jewels
- Normal and Blessed enchant scrolls share the same enchant rate - decreases with each enchant.

Important information:

- Chaotic zones around Epics and several Raid Bosses
- Chaotic zone around farm zone with boosted drops
- Special raid boss summoner
- S grade SA exchanger
- Apella armor and other stuff will be obtainable via Event Medals
- Majority of the skills are reworked for increased balance

Aditional information

- Class changer located in Aden(all 3 occupations, no quest needed)
- Auto pickup (normal drop from raid bosses)
- Rebirth system
- Special Noblesse system(You will need to perform 3 rebirths and obtain 4 crowns in order to become noblesse)
- Subclass (All npcs you need are in Aden and you can buy Star of Destiny and Pure Silver in Misc shop)
- Low level Protectors
- Boosted Buffer classes
- C/B/A grade SA obtainable from Mantra Manager
- Craftable S grade SA
- Siegeable Castles and Clan Halls
- L2Gold Weapons
- Bandit Stronghold special shop


- Apella stats nerfed
- Core now provides +50 on P.Def.
- Orfen now provides +75 on M.Def.


- AIO buff system
- NPC buffer (Support buffs not included)
- Buff slots: 24 slots
- Buff time: 1 hour
- Support buffs like cov/pof/cat/siren now last 5 min instead of 2


- Non class based
- Weekly Heroes
- 1 period daily, lasts 2 hours
- A grade gear only with enchant limitations


- High rate event (Automatic)
- FFA Death match (Automatic)
- Simon says
- Hide&Seek
- Raid Boss
- PvP event variations
- Other

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[L2OFF - C4] L2Gold
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