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 l2Brutality x7 rates,Open beta will take place today at 23:00 GMT+2.

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PostSubject: l2Brutality x7 rates,Open beta will take place today at 23:00 GMT+2.   Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:38 am

General Information


Exp : x7
Sp: x7
Party Exp: x1.5
Party Sp: x1.5
Adena Drop: x5
Consumables Drop: x5
Drop Items: x3(chance)
Raid Drop Items: x1(chance) adena x5
Spoil Drop: x5(ammount)
Quest Drop: x1 (retail like)
Quest Rewards: x2
SealStones: x5

Safe Enchant: +3 | Max Enchant: +16
Enchant rate for weapons 60%
Enchant Rate for Armors: 66%

Buffs slots and Duration

Buffs: 20+4 Divine Inspiration
Normal Buffs: 19 min
Dances & Songs: 2min
Cov, prophecies: 5 min
Cat, unicorn: 2 min
6 Debuff slots (Retail)

Other Features

Epic Quests
Retail Systems
Pretty good balance between classes
Bugless & Lagless gameplay
Fully working clan system, sieges
Retail gameplay without custom items
Useful starting equipment
Seven Signs Festival
Four Sepulchers
Dimension Rift
Wedding System
Fishing Tournament
Flood Protection
Karma Protection
Community Board
L2Walker Protection
Geodata & Pathnodes
Retail Olympiad System (Classed: 5 / Non-Classed: 9. From 6pm to 12pm GMT+2)
Nobless Retail Quest
Subclass Retail Quest
Class Upgrade Retail Quest
Olympiad Period: 1 Month
Grand Bosses Retail
Allowed Boxes per PC: 2

Full Donation list will stay closed for the first two (2) weeks.
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l2Brutality x7 rates,Open beta will take place today at 23:00 GMT+2.
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