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 Apply for Nostalgia

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Registration date : 2013-05-23

Apply for Nostalgia Empty
PostSubject: Apply for Nostalgia   Apply for Nostalgia EmptyThu May 23, 2013 3:26 am

Nickname: Fanat
Class: Dagger or Archer
Level: 0
Subs: 0
Noble: y/n? n
Location : Poland/Ukraine
TS/Vent : yes
Previous Clan: Illuminaty
Old Servers: RaidFight , l2ex,,, APG, CzechGamers and others..
Old Clans: AuthorityCharms, Fusion.

My name is Viktor, 23 years old. I'm from Ukraine, but studying in Poland IT so like BisaBujaBaba. My adventure l2 started from c1. I prefer plaing on low rates servers. Long time i spent on searching server and clan like this: big, helpfuland and organized. If you need help with craft, exp, sige, rb, pvp i want help Wink
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Apply for Nostalgia
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