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 Specu EE/BD LF Destro CP in Clan TBD

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PostSubject: Specu EE/BD LF Destro CP in Clan TBD    Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:05 pm

Hello i LF Destroyer Constant Party can play ee or bd or what need support to destro cp. Up me
you will not regret it.


From: Poland

Language: Poland ,English(no problem).

Age: 22 (don't like play in kid's cp)

Class: EE/BD (what want)

LVL: non (but can fast exp it's no problem and no problem make quest to prof)

Time in game: in normal day i can play 6h + in weekend no life mode on

Sub: what clan need or what cp want

Communicator: i use only Team speak 3 because i have problem in my pc in Ventrillo

Old serwer: i play in very old c5 Aerith ,nanaki and I do not remember more and in interlude Dex
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Specu EE/BD LF Destro CP in Clan TBD
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