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 Unnamed Soldier CP

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PostSubject: Unnamed Soldier CP   Unnamed Soldier CP EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 1:05 pm

Tag/Name of the CP:
Nationality: Greece
Nicknames: MikePortnoy~Vasilaros~R1n0a~Antoine~Deppy~MrKaKoSsS~Mounopagidas~BloodRush~EnemicoPublico
Possible playtime: 20 - 2 GMT+2 (this may change though..)
Clans history: well, i dont wanna do that coz we are a new cp. Im playing with most of these guyz for some time and we decided to make a cp and join l2nostalgia. asking every one seperately whats his clan history is pointless
Servers history: (not enough space for that.. Razz ) l2dex~rpg club~l2czg are the recent ones
Total Players: 9players+2-3 drivers + 1 OOP dwarf
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Unnamed Soldier CP
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