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 Constant Party Application form. READ ME!!!

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PostSubject: Constant Party Application form. READ ME!!!   Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:52 am

Here is what u clearly need to copy/paste with ur own answers of the following questions:

Tag/Name of the CP:
Nationality: (Please include all countries of ur players)
Nicknames: (Preferable old nicks by wich we can recognize some of you)
Possible playtime: (Please point ur current GMT.)
Clans history: (Point out some of the famous clans you`d played in)
Servers history: (Point out some of the famous servers you'd played in)
Party setup: (All classes of your pt)
Total Players: (How many ppl stand behind ur grp, including drivers, oop players)
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Constant Party Application form. READ ME!!!
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