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Clan clean inactive Members every Sunday evening.

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Registration date : 2011-10-07

PostSubject: Sagittarius   Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:56 am

Nickname: Melll
Class: Sagittarius
Level: 79
Subs: TH 55
Noble: no
Previous Clan: -
Old Servers: HeavensGate x7 x100, Osiris x50, LovelyAden x7, Avalon x7, Celes x7, Frintezza x10 x100
Old Clans: Otherside, GrotesQ, BloodOrder
Equipment Currently on Nexus: MJ PVP Set, TTS set, DB +125 Holy

Also have an alt:

Nickname: Nadya
Class: Hierophant
Level: 79
Subs: SE 58
Noble: no
Equipment Currently on Nexus: DC Robe Set, BW Robe Set, Valhalla, PHX Common Jewel
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