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Clan clean inactive Members every Sunday evening.

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 Active : Spectral Dancer or Titan

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PostSubject: Active : Spectral Dancer or Titan   Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:25 am

Nickname: Dementik
Class: Bounty Hunter(77)/
Subs: Spectral Dancer(77)/Destroyer(69)
Noble: Yes
Previous Clan: TimeForDrama/OOWW
Old Servers: Roxy, RPG, Arion, and more
Old Clans: OOC,MagicR,OOC
Equipment Currently on Nexus: Tallum Set 3/3/3/4 (Fundation Boots)/Basalt Battlehammer (30 Fire) / TTS set (neck +3)/Dula Kesh +4/GW lvl 68 (best Weap low Armor)
TimeZone: GMT +2
PLay Time:10h+
Another Chars :
-DementikAQ - Sorc for AQ
-DementikZaken - SH for zaken
-Amma - WC 76 Buff Box

I will play on BD or TITAN for CP ... I want Fun
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Active : Spectral Dancer or Titan
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