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 Hell Knight Application

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PostSubject: Hell Knight Application   Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:41 pm


Nickname: Costey
Class: Hell Knight
Level: 78 (17% to 79)
Subs: Tyrant 64
Noble: y/n? n
Previous Clan: Five
Old Servers: Insomnia , Blades Of Ateria , Celes
Old Clans: EinhasadTemplars , AfterWorld , MagicR
Equipment Currently on Nexus: Forgotten blade+Attri , Nightmare set +4 {pvp} , sealed MJ jewels

if need any other info plz answer here , I know You are recruting only full Const parties , but friends ( CityDog/RobE const ) suggested me to write application in case some CP will need a tank. I can be online for 70h if my const/clan need it , hate to play solo.
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Hell Knight Application
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